Yellow Garden Spider 07185 R -
Yellow Garden Spider  Black and Yellow Garden Spider  Argiope aurantia  are not aggressive. They might bite if grabbed, but other than for defense they do not attack large animals.
Turtle Box 2591 -
Eastern Box Turtle  A omnivorous turtle that lives in open woods streams and ponds. It can live upwards of 80 years. One of only two box turtles that live in the U.S.
Frog Favors Millers 3324 -
Frogs Prefers Millers
Bug or Leaf 3341 -
Broad-winged Katydid : Leaf Bug  Microcentrum rhombifolium  is in the Tettigonidae family. Katydids look like leaves and are related to crickets and grasshoppers .
Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge 05 11 2015 06280 -
Osprey and nest   Osprey are fish eating birds of prey is along coastlines, lakes, and rivers.
Duck Mallard 0658 -
Mallard Duck
Geese 106 0647 -
Canada Goose
Geese 109 0996 -
Canada Goose and Goslings
Geese 7D 05 11 2015 06299 Bscr -
Canada Geese over a salt marsh
Praying Mantis 6844 scr -
Praying Mantis The praying mantis is a large insect that can be found in gardens and is a predatory species that is always on the prowl eating any insect that moves.
Racoon 2688 H scr -
Snake 3771 2 -
Turtle Snapping 0115 -
Snapping Turtle and a friend. Look close.
Geese 0527 -
Blue Heron 101 0167 -
Blue Heron is the largest heron in North America. They inhabit marshes, lakes, rivers, bays, beaches, mangroves, and other wetlands.
Butterfly Red spotted Purple 01295 R -
Red Spotted Purple Butterfly  Limenitis arthemis  is most often seen in woodlands and along streams and marsh land.
Butterfly on Flower IMG 2487 lr -
Butterfly on flower
American Goldfinch 7D 07 27 2015 06414 A -
American Goldfinch In winter males and females are colored in subtler brown
Walking Stick 0443 C 1024x679 e1511972652346 -
Walking Stick with missing leg.
Turkey Buzzard 06 24 2015 06395 1024x683 e1511972733877 -
Turkey Buzzard
Sandpipers 05 11 2015 06219 C 1024x651 e1511972801893 -
Tanager MG 0039 A scr -
House Finch Native to the Southwest, they are recent arrivals in the East.
Cardinal MG 0054 Bscr -
7D 2016 06 01 07043 -
Blue Jay
Bluebird Nest 6636 A e1511972262366 -
Blue Bird Nest at Unexpected Wildlife Refuge
scr 06886 A 1024x683 e1511972325813 -
Bee on Bee Balm Flower
Blackbird MG 0037 Ascr -
Cardinal MG 0055 Bscr -
Tanager MG 0062 A scr -
House Finch Native to the Southwest, they are recent arrivals in the East.
Tanager MG 0067 A scr -
House Finch Native to the Southwest, they are recent arrivals in the East.
Gulls 05 11 2015 06296 A 3 e1511972219580 -
Gulls on posts
scr 05671 1024x683 e1511972360121 -
Fawn – White-tail Deer
White Tail Deer 07277 AR 1024x683 e1511972622420 -
White-Tail Deer at Bodine Field  in Wharton State Forest
Hawk Red Tailed 04286 1024x711 e1511972829303 -
Red-Tailed Hawk
Hawk 7D 01252 731x1024 e1511972849855 -
Hawk in a pine tree
Chipmonk C 1024x673 e1511972874528 -
Chipmunk on a rotten log
Sparrow on Branch 06035 A 1024x683 e1511972758740 -
Butterfinger 0531 DC2C Wscr 1024x739 e1511972916284 -
Moth on a fingertip
IMG 2487 -
Butterfly on Flower
94882794 3718482431526601 8198419529508847616 n e1588445898678 -
Parrot At Cherry Hill Mall

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